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Page Two
or, Me at Work (this is WORK?)

Tyler, me, Donnie, and Todd 
at the 1998 Z92 Birthday Bash

Part of the Z-92 crew and the members of AEROSMITH (l-r): 
Karla and Bruce Patrick, J.P. Cruise, Joe Perry, Allison Steele, Brad Whitford, Steven Tyler, Barb (the prize lady), Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, ME, Chris (slave boy). 
Click for a larger view

Me, Todd and Tyler, 
and the members of MOTLEY CRUE

Me and Lynn Taylor 
at the 1998 Z92 Birthday Bash.

Me and Mike McKinnley 
at the 1998 Z92 Birthday Bash.

The winners of my "Roadie for a Day" 
contest with OZZY OSBOURNE
(Kalamazoo, MI, 1995)

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