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Page One
Me and a bunch of fans on the Page and Plant road trip
Mista Jonez and the Freek Cam
Greg and his family on a Yellow Submarine
Wendy and Brian, your friendly webmasters
Allison, from Cubby's in Plattsmouth
Page Two
Deana, from Cubby's in Plattsmouth
Lothar, AKA Jacob
Clinton from FDR
Gerald from FDR
Page Three
Mary from FDR
Tris from FDR
Scott and Rachelle from Columbus
Katie from Cubbie's in Plattsmouth
Page Four
Katie from Plattsmouth and Jesse James Dupree from Jacky1
Kelly, the Donut Queen
Loyal late night listener Melanie
Karen J.
Deanne J. from Genoa
Page Five
Goddess of Pleasure
Wendi in Michigan
Nanci and Howard Leese (guitarist from Heart) Page 1
Beckalynn - my favorite Florida listener and chat buddy
Angela from Arkansas
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